Pak PM unveils first-ever National Security Policy
January 15, 2022

Illustration: Anushka Thapa

One-liner: Pakistan PM Imran Khan on Friday launched the first-ever National Security Policy, which articulates a citizen-centric framework, placing economic security at its core.

Previous govt blamed: PM Khan said that the previous govt had failed to strengthen Pakistan’s economy. Khan said since its evolution has had a one-dimensional security policy where the focus was on the military.

  • The national security has been clearly explained in the new original 100-page document

Attaining the goals: The 5 years policy document covering a period between 2022-26, is being propped up by the Khan govt as the first-ever strategy paper of its kind that covers the national security vision and guidelines for the attainment of those goals.

Themes of the policy: The main themes of the National Security Policy are national cohesion, securing an economic future, defence and territorial integrity, internal security, foreign policy in a changing world and human security.

Safety of Pakistan: National Security Advisor Moeed Yusuf said that under the new policy, they will be shifting to a Comprehensive National Security Framework with the aim of ensuring the safety, security, and dignity of the citizens of Pakistan.

Hindutva, threat from India: The new policy highlights disinformation, Hindutva, and the use of aggression for domestic political gains as key threats from India, the Express Tribune newspaper reported.

  • The report said the policy places the Jammu and Kashmir issue as the core of the bilateral relationship

Peace with neighbours: An official, earlier this week, said that Pakistan is willing to make peace with India, under their new security policy which leaves doors open for trade.

  • Piece with immediate neighbours and economic diplomacy will be the central theme of the foreign policy in the new National Security Policy, the newspaper reported